The Beginnings of Concussion Rebalanced

We wanted to tell you a little bit about us!

We are highly experienced, HCPC registered health professionals working within the Neurorehabilitation sector. We have worked together for the past 4 years, originally as separate entities within the same organisation before combining our services to provide a well-established concussion and vestibular management programme. We have found that this holistic approach from a physiotherapist and health psychologist gets our patients back to work/play/education more efficiently and with better outcomes. 

The last year has seen us expand our remote services to include our vestibular assessment and treatments. This has allowed us to cut our wait times and consolidate our expertise in remote post-concussion therapy. 

Thus, the beginnings of Concussion Rebalanced.

Concussion Rebalanced aims to provide assessment of a suspected head trauma within 72 hours of injury, to utilise the recommended rest period from strenuous cognitive activity and contact sports. Concussion Rebalanced can also help with the self-management of long-standing symptoms, for those who are further along the recovery pathway. 

To find out more about how we can work with you and the services offered, ring/email us or send a message via LinkedIn or Facebook.

Toni White and Dr Helen Brunger

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