concussion neuro physio vestibular
Dr Helen Brunger, Health Psychologist

Helen first studied Psychology at the University of Sheffield before going on to specialise within Health Psychology at the University of Surrey. In 2014 she completed her Ph.D. which focused on the treatment of persistent symptoms following a mild traumatic brain injury (or concussion) within a military population. From there Helen went on to work for the charity Headway and then back to her academic roots for a short time before returning to work for the MoD as lead for the mild traumatic brain injury service. She and Toni have worked closely together ever since, helping to ensure that all patients and clients benefit from comprehensive post-concussion management. 

concussion neuro physio vestibular
Toni White, Neuro Physiotherapist

After qualifying from Brunel University, it became clear very quickly that Neurological Rehabilitation was where Toni’s passion would thrive. After completing her junior rotations and progressing to a senior neuro physiotherapist within the NHS, Toni then transferred her skills to work for the MoD. She currently works as a specialist Neurological Rehabilitation Physiotherapist at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre. Toni leads the Vestibular Service, which due to extensive research and service development over the last four years, links more closely with the mTBI team to provide a holistic approach to post-concussion assessment and treatment.